August 13th

Posted on It’s been 11 days since my birthday. Well, everyone counts the years I am no first no last. The fact, before making the morning coffee, I have to measure my blood pressure. If is hight – I exchange a cup for coffee on a cup for tea. I love mango tea. I did it today. The rest remains unchanged. I work as I worked, I live as I lived.

On last Saturday, we went to the restaurant to celebrate my and my husband birthday. Daughter with Ivan and son with Valeria and me with MM (husband). My children do not have many days off. They work full-time, and part-time jobs and study. It’s good that we were able to go at the same time. They talked about work and study. I listened, looked and reminded like my parents did. When their three children were discussing and their parents listened.

When the topic came down about the vacation, I and MM joined the discussion. Of course, how could it be without taking pictures? The ceremony was in a Mexican restaurant. We received a prop for taking pictures, which was a big Mexican hat.

Today I have a day off but not from work on yards. I hired an employee on the front yard (he will come tomorrow). A back yard I leave “to play” as a gardener. Because if I am to live for 100 years,   I need skillfully spread my power and health in the time for the future.